13/50: Britton Hill, Florida [345’]

Sorry, Florida.  This was a short visit, and I didn’t even see your legendary sunshine.

I charged into the panhandle as dusk fell, speeding over a river and beneath a roadsign from Governor Rick Scott helpfully announcing that Florida was “OPEN FOR BUSINESS,” then drove east for an hour as the cloudy darkness gathered and asserted itself into proper night.

IMG_3370    IMG_3390    IMG_3391
Eventually I exited the freeway and navigated a series of tiny towns and back roads though the inky black humidity.  Next to an empty horse pasture was a handwritten notice for backyard wrestling, but the arrow only pointed into more darkness.

I found my way to Lakewood Park, lit by a single dim streetlamp that reflected sulphur-yellow off a number of warnings that the park was open sunrise to sunset. I glanced around, then disobediently shuffled a few yards through the wet freshly-mown grass to the highpoint, marked by a granite monument on a subtle incline.  The dew soaked through my pants until they clung to my shins.  I had heard there were short nature-walk trails through the nearby grove of trees, and I began a slow circumnavigation of the park grounds to find these paths and maximize my trip.


Just as I ventured into a gap that may have been an entrance to the spooky tree perimeter, stepping over the longer grasses and squinting into the leafy tunnel, a creature (bird? monkey? …chupacabra?) suddenly screamed AH-AH-OOOH directly overhead, and I stumbled backward to the relative safety of the streetlamp’s wan golden haze and contented myself with just a brief visit to the lowest “highpoint” in the country.



About the beer: 

Every Floridian I know has been bragging for years about Jai Alai, Cigar City’s flagship American IPA, and a six-pack has been sweating in my rental car’s trunk ever since Pensacola.  I crack one open and yeah, this is a curious but boastworthy brew.  It’s seriously hoppy and crammed full of tropical citrus like a roadside farmer’s market, grapefruit and mango and juicy sweet tangerines all jumbled together, but it’s surprisingly smooth and refreshing against the balmy heat of a Florida night.



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